Booking FAQ

I'm transitioning into booking the first of each month for the next month. Ie: June 1st will be for the month of July etc. This will ensure I'm passionate about the projects I'm doing as my artistic direction may change. 

I operate by appointment only!

To request an appointment, use the booking page (It will only be available the first of the month starting in September. Requests are not a first come first serve basis but rather preference based on what suits my art style. Below I have listed what I prefer to do and what I don't do)
If you have general questions, you can email me at!

What I like to tattoo: Anything nature related, especially larger plant life pieces, scientific/botanical illustrations, pet portraits/animals (in my style), art renditions. Anything that gives me creative freedom. Flash pieces that I post will be prioritized as well. I feel like my style pushes a semi realistic/ illustrative approach. 

What I won't do: finger/toe/lip/ear (on and behind), traditional, tribal, script&text, full color/watercolor (I do partial/hints of color), geometrical designs, super small simple designs (referring to mainly line work). I also do not do cover-ups unless they're very small/light (I'll have you send photos to see if it's something I can do) and I don't do reworks/ touch other artist's work. 

I'm sorry if I can't do your tattoo. I've decided it's important for me to feel passionate and comfortable with the work I pursue. I not only want to make you happy, but I think the artist who tattoos you needs to be happy too! When someone is passionate about something, it shows. And this is permanent. I will happily refer you to a coworker if I feel their style suits the project more so. ♡

Once I receive your inquiry, I will review your request when I look over emails. 

Please be patient with me as I receive a high volume of inquiries and I get kinda stressed out since I don't have anyone else helping me/ I'm a naturally anxious human being. If you're looking for a day of apt/ quickie, I am not for you!!

Please note;​

  • Tattoo designs won't be shown until the day of the apt. This eliminates plagiarism and art theft. Time is built into your apt for minor alterations, but if there are drastic changes to the overall design, your tattoo may have to be rescheduled.

  • I now require a $50 deposit. This is nonrefundable. If the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to your apt, you can reschedule once with that deposit. (If you need to reschedule due to a COVID related concern, let me know ASAP)

  • I charge roughly $150 an hour. I can give an estimate prior to booking. If you have a budget please let me know and I can let you know if your request is doable. Please remember tattoos are not a necessity but a luxury. Tattoo costs vary as I am very detail oriented. My minimum is $100. 

    As an example, pet portraits that are about 3 inches with no extra imagery/maybe 1-2 small flowers can range anywhere from $250-400. Depends on placement (stomachs are stretchier than forearms so it takes longer to tattoo), size and detail of your animal. Portraits that are larger will go up in cost. As a side note, smaller does not always mean cheaper. If it's super detailed, it still takes time. 

Before Your Tattoo - COVID Update

  • ​Please be sure to have your Government issued ID on you. If you don't have an ID present I legally cannot tattoo you.

    I no longer tattoo minors. You must be 18+. 

  • Please check the location before departing so you're not late. I'm based at the Anastasia location, 1770 A1A S, St. Augustine Fl, 32080. DO NOT TYPE IN ELECTRIC CHAIR TATTOOS, the other location will likely pop up! Please type in the address!
    If you are running late, let me know ASAP. 

  • No guests are permitted during this time. Please only bring yourself. This also means no children/ babies.

  • Please eat before your tattoo and please bring a drink if desired! A mask is also required. Reusable masks will be available for sale next door if you don't have access to one. 

  • We have an ATM on the premise as cash is preferred. I do take Venmo and I can take credit cards but the processing fee will be added to the overall cost. 


A big part of getting a tattoo is the care afterwards! 

I usually wrap your new tattoo in plastic wrap that you will leave on for 2-4 hours. You will not re-wrap it. (Saniderm will be left on for 2-3 days unless irritation occurs, then remove it sooner and follow the instructions below)

  • When cleaning your tattoo, make sure you clean your hands prior to touching it. Use an antibacterial/ unscented hand-soap.

  • After your tattoo is dry, you can apply a very thin layer of unscented ointment. (Aquaphor/lubriderm is recommended)

  • Repeat this 3+ times a day, or as needed.

  • Remember that your tattoo is an open wound. Do not go to the gym, beach, rub it against things, let animals lick it or let people touch it! Clean your sheets if animals sleep with you! 

Touch Up Policy

(This only applies to tattoos I've done, I don't touch up other artist's work)
Most tattoos will not need a touch up. 

If lines fall out or the tattoo lightens too much, I'm more than happy to touch it up for you! This is only applicable a year after getting the tattoo. tattoos will naturally fade/ spread/ react to your skin differently than others so it's important you care for your tattoo long after you get it!

It is preferred if you're getting another tattoo in the future that you wait to get the touch up then, but let me know in advance. You will not be charged for the touch up in that session. Please send photos prior to booking.

If you need a touch up due to improper care/ negligence not on my part, I do charge a setup fee of $40. If the touch up is extensive a higher rate may be applied.